The Frogs Point and Click Adventure Press Kit

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About The Frogs

The Frogs is a point-and-click adventure game where you take on the role of Dionysus as he journeys to the underworld in search of his favorite playwright. The ones the kids listen to these days are garbage, don't you know. It is based on the ancient Greek comedy by Aristophanes and created entirely with Renaissance art that has been cut up, rearranged, and animated. It's like playing an animated painting from a great master.

There is currently a demo available on Steam and GameJolt for Windows, Mac, and Linux. There may be plans to release on other platforms as the game progresses towards its final release. A Kickstarter is likely imminent for it as well.

About Michael Wells

I started out as a senior developer for a company named Simutronics that has been making text-based online games since 1987. I was with them for about 15 years before they shut down our product. A few of us banded together to make our own from scratch called The Lost Fates. Both games were set in ancient Greece and inspired me to get my degree in ancient studies.

I also have a lot of background in graphic design. I was the product manager and sole graphic designer for a local printing house here in town. When COVID hit and the store closed I decided to try to marry my two interests and give learning Unity a shot. Fast forward 6 months and I've got a demo for a game that I think is pretty unique with momentum pushing full steam ahead to actually make it into a full release.